Help Assigning Category

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Help Assigning Category

Post by amchbocikmths86whwsq »

When an NZB file does not contain category information, is it possible to assign a category manually once the NZB file begins to be processed. I have read the WIKI on categories a few times. I have tried a variety of suggestions found in the wiki including assigning the download NZB to a watched directory ,

Specifically on NZBPlnet their movies are in a category HD. I don't think that info is contained within the NZB file. I have created an HD category, and an nzbwatched/HD directory. I have tried downloading the NZB to the .../HD directory, and also used the sab icon to diretly load into SABNZBD ... Failure :)


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Re: Help Assigning Category

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If you open the NZB file with a text-editor, does it not something like this at the beginning?

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<meta type="category">TV &gt; HD</meta>
If it does show that, you should put in your Categories settings "TV > HD" and it should work.
Also make sure that you use SABnzbd 3.4.2.
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