SFV check while downloading?

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SFV check while downloading?

Post by ArmoredDragoon »

Some providers (e.g. astraweb) fill the files with junk to comply with DMCA. Is there any sort of option to have SAB check each rar against the .SFV as each file is downloaded? (assuming the .SFV is present)

If this is possible, is there also a way to make SAB download the corrupt file from one of the backup servers while the remainder of the files keep coming from the main server?

Also what would be nice is if your backup server is rate limited, to go ahead and download the next NZB in the queue from the main server while that one finishes.

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Re: SFV check while downloading?

Post by shypike »

What you ask is already implemented through the backup server system.
It's not done on a file basis because that would be useless.
Bad articles are retried on the other primary servers and ultimately the backup servers.
Working on a file basis won't work because some (many?) Usenet providers
remove just enough articles for the post to become unrepairable.

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