Batch/Script Help - File Moving

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Batch/Script Help - File Moving

Post by bnevets27 » February 23rd, 2009, 9:17 am

I've been searching everywhere to find something that will work for me. Hopefully someone can help me out here.

I basically need a batch file or a script, which ever works, that scans through folders and moves files up through the directory tree.


My movies are formatted like this:

movies\The girl next door\tgnd.axxo\tgnd.axxo.avi
movies\The girl next door\tgnd.axxo cd1\tgnd.axxo.avi
movies\The girl next door\tgnd.axxo cd2\tgnd.axxo.avi
SOME may also be deeper, like:
movies\The girl next door\tgnd.axxo\tgnd.axxo\tgnd.axxo.avi

I want all the movies to be formatted like:
movies\The girl next door\tgnd.axxo.avi

So all should follow this format:
movies\"folder/movie name"\"name of avi".avi

A better explination maybe here. This person wanted to do the same thing.

I am looking for something like he described in his last post.

Could anyone help me out or point me in the direction of another form that may be better suited to help me?

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