Mplay script help (non sabnzbd related)

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Mplay script help (non sabnzbd related)

Post by PiNPOiNT » April 15th, 2009, 3:29 pm

There's so many smart people here i thought i might ask for some help writing a script that would make my life WAY easier.

I need to take a series of sequential images each stored in separate directories and append them together in one after another so they will play back to back.  each with their associated .wav sound file.
and it needs to play in Mplay. 

here's how they are stored

/episode number/shot number/v001/*.jpg

Note: the shot number folder needs to be scanned and only load images from the highest number "v00#" sub-folder. This will vary from shot number to shot number.

audio for each corresponding shot is stored like this

/episode number/shot number/sound/soundfile.wav

I'd like to be able to type something like "Mplay 8 15" which would stitch together shots number 8 through 15 only with their associated sound file

Can anyone help me throw together something like this?



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