Downloads hang at 100% before moving to finished

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Downloads hang at 100% before moving to finished

Post by Deepkalsi » December 11th, 2018, 1:20 am

I'm not entirely sure when this started happening but its been maybe two months or so. Everything used to move pretty quickly but recently things have started to slow down. If I'm downloading a bunch of things at once they will download quickly but then get caught up at 100% for some time before moving over to finished and going through unpacking / post processing. Currently I have 18 downloads in queue and 16 of them are finished downloading with none currently in post processing. They all will eventually go through but each one takes maybe two to five minutes to continue once it finishes downloading.

Not really sure how to start diagnosing the issue here. What should I be looking at, and what should I be giving for more info to help fix the problem?

I've googled the issue and found others where their downloads finish and never move over. Mine all eventually do, but they used to do it quickly.

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Re: Downloads hang at 100% before moving to finished

Post by safihre » December 11th, 2018, 2:18 am

What is your setup? Any network-disks involved?
This usually indicates that it has to get stuff from disk-cache.
Try reducing the speed a little bit. If your connection is 20MB/s, try setting it to 15MB/s and see if that improves things.

You can diagnose by switching logging to +Debug in the Status Window and then after it happens again check the logs by clicking Show Logging, probably it will say something about files from disk.

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