Small computer for sabnzbd

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Small computer for sabnzbd

Post by DarylDickson »

can anyone recommend me a small computer or one of those raspberrys for sabnzbd and maybe plex streaming (4k?)
Whats the recommend system requirements? I think unpacking needs a good cpu, right?
I'd spend about 200€.
I have tried connecting a 3tb hdd via usb2.0 to my router (fritz box) and downloading via my computer, but the downloadspeed is very low than. At first like 9mb/s and then maximum 2mb/s, also unpacking is very slow and I dont want to keep my computer running just for downloading.
thanks alot

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Re: Small computer for sabnzbd

Post by sander »

A NUC-like computer (starting at 110 euro, including CPU), plus 4GB RAM and a small SSD (128 GB) for dowloading ... total should be below €200. Connect your exising USB-HDD for storing stuff; a direct USB2.0 connection will be fast enough for that.

Put on your favorite OS: Windows, or (Ubuntu) Linux

I did the same a few months ago, with a Gigabyte GB-BLCE-4105 PC/workstation barebone J4105 1,50 GHz UCFF. Nice stuff: beautiful box, size of a stack of 5-8 CD boxes, M.2 and SATA both possible, quite fast 4-core CPU.

So: I'm NOT advising a Raspi. Slow, harder to handle (unless you're a Linux guru), different hardware hanging together. I'm a longtime linux user, and I've tried with Raspbi, but is not great for reliable downloading.


The nice thing about the small, silent and beautiful Gigabyte GB-BLCE-4105 (and other NUC-like devices): connect it to your tv, and you can play content directly. The CPU is powerful enough to play all kinds of content.

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