3.0.0 alpha 2, Windows 10, renaming issue

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Release Testers
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3.0.0 alpha 2, Windows 10, renaming issue

Post by ErikBrown »


With SABnzbd 3.0.0 alpha 2 running on Windows 10 I noticed that with a specific NZB the final folder will be named, after completion of post processing, _UNPACK_ followed by the original NZB name. This renaming error happens consistently with this NZB on my home server that has SABnzbd, including the temporary download folder, installed on the C drive . But the final category based download folders are located on other harddisks.

I have also an installation of SABnzbd 3.0.0 Alpha 2 on my laptop. Here everything, including the final folders are all on the E: drive. On this PC, the renaming works fine with this NZB.

When I check the incorrectly renamed folder, I find nothing wrong with the downloaded files or the folder structure. The only thing wrong is the renaming. What makes this NZB stand out from others is that the final download contains 57 files and a sub folder with another 22 files.

I will email the NZB that causes this to saphire at sabnzbd followed by a dot and org

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Re: 3.0.0 alpha 2, Windows 10, renaming issue

Post by safihre »

Got the NZB, now I will need a log to see where this is going wrong :)
If you use the Show Logging it also includes an anonymous copy of your settings.
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