070 B5 fails to uncompress the download sometimes

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Release Testers
Release Testers
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070 B5 fails to uncompress the download sometimes

Post by ErikBrown »

Sometimes 070B5 on Windows XP fails to properly unpack the downloaded files. As a sample, after a download completed I find the follow directory in the category folder:

_FAILED_123 Maps

and in this folder I find two files:


Manually unziping the file 123Natio.zip works fine.

The email that I received for the failed download states the following:


SABnzbd has failed to download "123 Maps"

Finished at 2012-05-12 22:19:18
Downloaded 2.6 GB

Results of the job:

Stage Download
Downloaded in 51 minutes 2 seconds at an average of 893 KB/s

Stage Source
C:\SABnzbd\WatchedFolder\books\123 Maps.nzb

Stage Unpack
[123Natio] Unpacked 1 files/folders in 5 minutes
0 files in 5 seconds

Stage Repair
[123Natio] Quick Check OK


I will email the NZB file for this sample to bugs at sabnzbd.org


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Re: 070 B5 fails to uncompress the download sometimes

Post by shypike »

The solution is rather simple. The unzip delivered with SABnzbd needs upgrading.
unzip 5.52 doesn't support ZIP files over 2G (like this item).
We'll upgrade to unzip 6.0

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