0.8.0 B3 How to configure limiting the speed to kB/s

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0.8.0 B3 How to configure limiting the speed to kB/s

Post by ErikBrown »


Now that 0.8.0 beta 3 supports setting the download speed limit again to a specified number of kB/s instead of a percentage, where do we configure this? I mean where do we set to use kB/s and not a percentage? I have deleted Config - General - Maximum line speed and I have set Config - General - Percentage of line speed to 0 but still setting the speed limit to for instance 300 does not limit the speed. Also there is still a percentage sign shown right of the speed input field. I am using the smpl skin.


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Re: 0.8.0 B3 How to configure limiting the speed to kB/s

Post by safihre »

You need to enter it in the correct notation with K/M/G in Smpl.
So to get 300KB/s, enter 300K and hit enter. Or 1M for 1 MB/s.

Plush has a new display for entering speedlimits that is more convenient and doesn't require you to add K or M.
Smpl will not get this update anymore (or someone else has to create it and add it on GitHub), so we just added the % to smpl for basic usage..

Or you can use Glitter, it has a convenient slider for the speed (but you have to set a maximum line speed, Plush will also let you put KB/s without setting line speed).

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