Questions regarding 0.8.0. beta 3

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Questions regarding 0.8.0. beta 3

Post by ErikBrown »


Thanks for the new version with all the exiting enhancements. I have the following questions regarding two new features:

The documentation shows that 0.8.0 now supports long paths in Windows (above 260). But I still get errors if I do not limit the path length in Config - Special - folder_max_length. So what is improved related to the maximum path length under Windows?

Now duplicate detection is using the history database. If I use the option Delete Completed in the home screen, will duplicate detection for the already downloaded files still work? In other words does Delete Completed remove the completed downloads from the history database?

I use Windows 7 and smpl.


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Re: Questions regarding 0.8.0. beta 3

Post by shypike »

SABnzbd supports paths as large as Windows allows.
What kind of errors do you get?
For the temporary download folder there are still some limitations,
because par2 cannot handle long paths.
You're not likely to notice that.

Duplicate detection depends on your history database,
so removing entries will defeat duplicate detection.
However, you can still use the backup folder as well, option in Config->Special.

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