3.1.0 RC1 history is empty [with skin "Plush Gold" ]

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Re: 3.1.0 RC1 history is empty

Post by automan3 »

well, Iv been running this server since before 2013, not changing much in setup, only updating versions. :-)

So, yes, I discovered that with the RC1 version of 3.1.0 there is no longer a working history. Just as you noticed, a few failed only. Cannot see any other recent. I did not know at all where the problems were at until i did som troubleshooting and ended up changing to Glitter skin. That made the history come back. So Guessing you either get rid of the old Plush - gold, or look into a fix. I m pretty happy with running glitter, though I was more used to the old one.

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Release Testers
Release Testers
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Re: 3.1.0 RC1 history is empty [with skin "Plush Gold" ]

Post by sander »

Ah. I've added it to the subject.

Safihre should decide on it.

(I'm in favour of deprecating Plush)

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Re: 3.1.0 RC1 history is empty [with skin "Plush Gold" ]

Post by safihre »

Found the problem with Plush, will be fixed for 3.1.0.
Thanks for reporting :)
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