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Alternative Ubuntu SABnzbd Install Guide

Post by adaemox » March 20th, 2009, 6:53 pm

I wanted to install SABnzbd using a testing release so I only had a compiled or source tarballs to go off of (as far as I know).

I found the wiki instructions to be helpful, but I did things a bit different after using apt-get to nab and install the necessary libraries. I'm still very much learning ubuntu and linux so this may not be the most elagant solution, but I wanted to post it in case anyone else finds themselves in a similar situation (and for comments if people want to show me how to refine this! ;D)

First, I got all the packages as listed on the Ubuntu Server 8.04 detailed instructions page, but I grouped them all together in one command.

Code: Select all

sudo apt-get install python-cheetah python-yenc python-feedparser python-pyopenssl par2 unzip unrar
Second, I grabbed the tarball of the compiled release I wanted to use. I downloaded this to my computer and then extracted it with Ubuntu's integrated archive manager.

After that, I ran:

Code: Select all

sudo nautilus
and navigated to /usr/lib and copied the SABnzbd folder I extracted from the tarball to this directory.

From there, you're really done if you want to be. You can simply run the as an executable and it should launch without any problems.

You can also run it from terminal with

Code: Select all

python2.5 /usr/lib/SABnzbd-0.X.X/
Adjust as necessary for your path, folder name, and/or version.

You can also use flags like -b0 to stop the browser from launching and -d to run in daemon mode.

Obviously, I got just about all of this information from the SABnzbd User Manual which is available from (I mainly used the Ubuntu Server 8.04 detailed instructions and I got the execution path for terminal from the ClarkConnect 4.2 Community Edition detailed instructions page).

And, if you are on Ubuntu I recommend jcfp's unofficial Ubuntu package. I only went this route because I wanted to try something new and mainly because I needed to install a version that wasn't in his repository.

SABnzbd+, Episode Butler, VDPAU, and Sick Beard Tutorials @

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