Deleting downloaded files

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Deleting downloaded files

Post by wwombat » December 26th, 2017, 11:40 am

Have an issue where SABNZBD deletes all downloaded files if the final processing folder cannot be accessed. Mounted volume drops for whatever reason. SABNZBD completes the download and proceeds with post processing as per Job Options +Delete. Can't access the final folder on my NAS so deletes everything.

is there a way to prevent SABNZBD from deleting the files if it can't access/write to the final folder? I still want to delete the files after it successfully processes and writes the final file.

616::ERROR::[postproc:641] Cannot create final folder /Volumes/Public/movies/DOWNLOAD\
2017-12-26 23:42:47,617::ERROR::[postproc:543] Post Processing Failed for DOWNLOAD(see logfile)\
2017-12-26 23:42:47,617::INFO::[postproc:544] Traceback: \
Traceback (most recent call last):\
File "sabnzbd/postproc.pyc", line 378, in process_job\
File "sabnzbd/postproc.pyc", line 642, in prepare_extraction_path\IOError\
2017-12-26 23:42:48,490::INFO::[postproc:564] Cleaning up DOWNLOAD(keep_basic=True)\
2017-12-26 23:42:48,491::INFO::[directunpacker:372] Aborting DirectUnpack for None\
2017-12-26 23:42:48,492::INFO::[nzbstuff:1722] [N/A] Purging data for job DOWNLOAD(keep_basic=True, del_files=False)}

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