Download handling not working on Windows Client

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Download handling not working on Windows Client

Post by rumsky »

Hi Team,
First of all, many thanks for this wonderful client! I started couple days ago with sonarr, radarr and sabnzbd. But here is my problem:

Sonarr on ubuntu 16.04 VM (
sabnzbd on windows 7 VM (10.1.27)
Datastore on Synology nas

Everything works fine, except download handling is not moving the files properly to the movie folder. I had the same setup running with sabnzbd also on the same ubuntu machine and it was working perfect over there, but I had other failures there (pause downloads from time to time and wont start if i dont manually restart download so I give windows a shot).

I guess the problem is regarding the path. When I had all configured in ubuntu, the nas was just mounted as /mnt/srv/... but with windows it looks bit different Y:\download\incomplete. So basically it's the same folder, but for the OS it looks different, maybe this is a problem. I also can't move them manually under activity in sonarr. So I have to do it manually over cli oder via finder and then hit refresh folder in sonarr and he will see the update.

Did I misconfigure something or does someone has an other idea?

Here some screenshots: (add imgur.c o m ) can't upload links as new user
DownloadClient in sonarr: /a/zzj7z
Settings for Downloadclient in sonarr: /a/2xkRY
manual import in sonarr: /a/Abivh
sabnzbd download settings: /a/13oVX
sabnzbd categories: /a/p7Hwi

Thanks a lot for your help.

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