SABnzbd saving from Windows 10 over LAN to SHIELD's USB drive (Plex)

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SABnzbd saving from Windows 10 over LAN to SHIELD's USB drive (Plex)

Post by Gewgaws »

My setup used to work just fine but it broke sometime in late July, well before the 7.0 Experience update:
  • My SHIELD is my Plex Media Server.
  • My SHIELD has an external USB drive with my Plex library on it.
  • I have a Windows 10 machine running SickBeard and SABnzbd.
  • The Windows machine has drive "S:" mapped to "\\SHIELD\Seagate Backup Plus Drive"
  • Windows' File Explorer on the Windows box can see and modify the contents of that drive (over the network) just fine
  • On the Windows box, SABnzbd's "tv" category is set to save to "S:\NVIDIA_SHIELD\TV Shows" (which exists and is full of files).
What's supposed to happen (and had been working since I first set it up):
  1. SickBeard will snatch an nzb.
  2. SickBeard will pass the file to SABnzbd.
  3. SABnzbd will download it and unpack it.
  4. SABnzbd will move it to the proper folder on S:
  5. Plex finds the file.
  6. Enjoy.
However, starting a few months ago, SABnzbd would fail to move the unpacked file and instead throw this error and delete the download:

Error renaming "S:\NVIDIA_SHIELD\TV Shows\<show>\<season>\_UNPACK_<downloaded_file>" to "S:\NVIDIA_SHIELD\TV Shows\<show>\<season>\<downloaded_file>"

(show, season, downloaded_file, and episode have been anonymized but the error is the same for all downloads).

SABnzbd's error log reads:
. <date time>,121::ERROR::[postproc:449] Error renaming "S:\NVIDIA_SHIELD\TV Shows\<show>\<season>\_UNPACK_<downloaded_file>" to "S:\NVIDIA_SHIELD\TV Shows\<show>\<season>\<downloaded_file>"
. <date time>,121::INFO::[postproc:450] Traceback:
. Traceback (most recent call last):
. File "sabnzbd\postproc.pyo", line 447, in process_job
. File "sabnzbd\postproc.pyo", line 952, in rename_and_collapse_folder
. File "sabnzbd\decorators.pyo", line 36, in call_func
. File "sabnzbd\misc.pyo", line 1140, in renamer
. File "shutil.pyo", line 316, in move
. File "shutil.pyo", line 144, in copy2
. File "shutil.pyo", line 96, in copyfile
. IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: u'\\\\?\\S:\\NVIDIA_SHIELD\\TV Shows\\<show>\\<season>\\_UNPACK_<downloaded_file>'
. <date time>,147::INFO::[postproc:566] Cleaning up <downloaded_file> (keep_basic=False)
. <date time>,147::INFO::[directunpacker:372] Aborting DirectUnpack for None
. <date time>,147::INFO::[nzbstuff:1726] [N/A] Purging data for job <downloaded_file> (keep_basic=False, del_files=False)
. <date time>,213::INFO::[database:272] Added job <downloaded_file> to history

Troubleshooting steps I've taken (Executive Summary version):
  • (succeeds) Change SABnzbd's "tv" category to write to the local drive.
  • (succeeds) Change SABnzbd's "tv" category to write to another network share.
  • (succeeds) Upon successfully downloading to one of the destinations in the two bullets above, manually move the downloaded file to SHIELD via drive "S:" using File Explorer.
  • (fails) Set up an Ubuntu VM with the SickBeard/SABnzbd configuration that used to work. Fails in the same way it fails on Windows.
  • (succeeds) Have SABnzbd on the Ubuntu box save the file locally or to a network share and manually move the file.
  • Try NZBGet: it "succeeds" in that it writes to the SHIELD's drive, but I can't figure out how to configure SickBeard/NZBGet to correctly rename and put the files in the right place, so instead I wind up with long nzb-named folders containing obfuscated files. I'm not interested in going down this rabbit hole if there's a possibility that I can fix what used to work.
The Windows machine has about 300G free (i.e., local temp space on that box is not an issue). The USB drive on the SHIELD has a few hundred gig free, also.

There were some updates installed on the Windows box around the time this all broke (KB4338819 and KB4284848), but as I'm having the same problem on an Ubuntu box I doubt they're relevant.

The nVidia SHIELD 7.0 Experience update didn't change anything.

I'm sorry this post is so long; I wanted to include as much information as I could.

Any suggestions?

Last bumped by Gewgaws on October 22nd, 2018, 7:50 am.

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