Howto: Indexer and SABnzbd - automation based on Cart

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Howto: Indexer and SABnzbd - automation based on Cart

Post by sander »

This is a Howto:

In an indexer (like Drunkenslug), you can put downloads into your cart, which SABnzbd then will download automatically

No need for difficult stuff like API-key, NZB-key, port forwarding, firewalls and changing IP addresses.

Here's how:

- Log in on your indexer
- Right of your profile name, click on Cart. This will lead you to something like https://<indexer>/cart, so for example
- There is a text "Your cart can be downloaded as an RSS Feed." Click on the link for RSS Feed. Or copy the link.
- You should have an URL like ... 84df&del=1 . We need that URL in SABnzbd

- in SABnzbd, go to the RSS setup page, so
- At Name fill out "My indexer" or "Drunkenslug", at Feed URL copy in the RSS-URL from your indexer, and click on Add

SABnzbd is now configured to read the your indexer's RSS feed, and is ready for filling:

In your indexer's webinterface, right of the content you want, there is a red/orange cart symbol. Click on it ("Send to my cart"). You will see a short popup "ADDED TO YOUR DOWNLOAD CART! Its now in your Download Cart"
SABnzbd will read the RSS feed each hour, and will start downloading.

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