=> "AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'poll'"

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Release Testers
Release Testers
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Joined: January 22nd, 2008, 2:22 pm => "AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'poll'"

Post by sander »

For a big download (37GB) on a low RAM Synology, I get a Traceback. The download is only half there (19 GB).

SAB version 2.3.7

Is there something I can do about this?

Code: Select all

  File "/volume1/@appstore/sabnzbd/share/SABnzbd/sabnzbd/", line 36, in call_func
    return f(*args, **kw)
  File "/volume1/@appstore/sabnzbd/share/SABnzbd/sabnzbd/", line 407, in abort
    if self.active_instance.poll():
AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'poll'

Code: Select all

2019-04-07 15:31:22,188::INFO::[newswrapper:121] [email protected]: Connected using TLSv1.2 (AES128-SHA)
2019-04-07 15:31:22,201::INFO::[newswrapper:121] [email protected]: Connected using TLSv1.2 (AES128-SHA)
2019-04-07 15:31:22,598::INFO::[downloader:704] Connecting [email protected] finished
2019-04-07 15:31:22,605::INFO::[downloader:704] Connecting [email protected] finished
2019-04-07 15:32:54,410::INFO::[directunpacker:271] DirectUnpacked volume 81 for blab118SyUhG6kwc2yOoXToha
2019-04-07 15:33:38,659::INFO::[nzbqueue:782] [N/A] Ending job blab118SyUhG6kwc2yOoXToha---37GB
2019-04-07 15:33:38,970::INFO::[assembler:91] Decoding /volume1/downloads/incomplete/blab118SyUhG6kwc2yOoXToha---37GB.1/blab118SyUhG6kwc2yOoXToha.part144.rar yenc
2019-04-07 15:33:56,753::INFO::[nzbqueue:876] Found idle job blab118SyUhG6kwc2yOoXToha---37GB
2019-04-07 15:33:57,152::INFO::[nzbqueue:890] Resetting bad trylist for job blab118SyUhG6kwc2yOoXToha---37GB
2019-04-07 15:33:57,187::INFO::[nzbqueue:782] [N/A] Ending job blab118SyUhG6kwc2yOoXToha---37GB
2019-04-07 15:34:11,710::INFO::[nzbqueue:418] [N/A] Removed job blab118SyUhG6kwc2yOoXToha---37GB
2019-04-07 15:34:11,818::INFO::[nzbqueue:260] Saving queue
2019-04-07 15:34:11,938::INFO::[postproc:94] Saving postproc queue
2019-04-07 15:34:14,684::INFO::[postproc:340] Starting Post-Processing on blab118SyUhG6kwc2yOoXToha---37GB => Repair:True, Unpack:True, Delete:True, Script:None, Cat:*
2019-04-07 15:34:16,421::INFO::[postproc:660] Starting verification and repair of blab118SyUhG6kwc2yOoXToha---37GB
2019-04-07 15:34:16,479::INFO::[__init__:920] [N/A] /volume1/downloads/incomplete/blab118SyUhG6kwc2yOoXToha---37GB.1/__ADMIN__/__verified__ missing
2019-04-07 15:34:16,489::INFO::[postproc:675] Running verification and repair on set blab118SyUhG6kwc2yOoXToha
2019-04-07 15:34:21,538::INFO::[newsunpack:1107] Quick-check for blab118SyUhG6kwc2yOoXToha is OK, skipping repair
2019-04-07 15:34:22,701::INFO::[postproc:716] Verification and repair finished for blab118SyUhG6kwc2yOoXToha---37GB
2019-04-07 15:34:23,503::INFO::[downloader:783] Thread [email protected]: forcing disconnect
2019-04-07 15:34:25,141::INFO::[downloader:783] Thread [email protected]: forcing disconnect
2019-04-07 15:34:25,912::INFO::[downloader:783] Thread [email protected]: forcing disconnect
2019-04-07 15:34:28,775::INFO::[postproc:381] Running unpack_magic on blab118SyUhG6kwc2yOoXToha---37GB
2019-04-07 15:34:54,075::INFO::[newsunpack:256] Unrar starting on /volume1/downloads/incomplete/blab118SyUhG6kwc2yOoXToha---37GB.1
2019-04-07 15:36:34,591::INFO::[directunpacker:271] DirectUnpacked volume 82 for blab118SyUhG6kwc2yOoXToha
2019-04-07 15:39:11,999::INFO::[directunpacker:385] Aborting DirectUnpack for blab118SyUhG6kwc2yOoXToha
2019-04-07 15:39:12,924::ERROR::[postproc:537] Post Processing Failed for blab118SyUhG6kwc2yOoXToha---37GB (see logfile)
2019-04-07 15:39:13,078::INFO::[postproc:538] Traceback: 
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/volume1/@appstore/sabnzbd/share/SABnzbd/sabnzbd/", line 382, in process_job
    unpack_error, newfiles = unpack_magic(nzo, workdir, tmp_workdir_complete, flag_delete, one_folder, (), (), (), (), ())
  File "/volume1/@appstore/sabnzbd/share/SABnzbd/sabnzbd/", line 257, in unpack_magic
    error, newf = rar_unpack(nzo, workdir, workdir_complete, dele, one_folder, new_rars)
  File "/volume1/@appstore/sabnzbd/share/SABnzbd/sabnzbd/", line 503, in rar_unpack
  File "/volume1/@appstore/sabnzbd/share/SABnzbd/sabnzbd/", line 36, in call_func
    return f(*args, **kw)
  File "/volume1/@appstore/sabnzbd/share/SABnzbd/sabnzbd/", line 407, in abort
    if self.active_instance.poll():
AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'poll'
2019-04-07 15:39:13,589::INFO::[postproc:558] Cleaning up blab118SyUhG6kwc2yOoXToha---37GB (keep_basic=True)
2019-04-07 15:39:13,628::INFO::[nzbstuff:1759] [N/A] Purging data for job blab118SyUhG6kwc2yOoXToha---37GB (keep_basic=True, del_files=False)
2019-04-07 15:39:15,468::INFO::[database:272] Added job blab118SyUhG6kwc2yOoXToha---37GB to history

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