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Changing default base folder on docker for radarr

Posted: December 26th, 2020, 9:23 pm
by Edge
Before I start, I did try searching the previous threads on this topic. I saw someone suggesting this link (docker (dot) com/r/linuxserver/sabnzbd) but as someone who isn't technically sound (working on it through all this), I still feel like I'm missing some basic stuff.

Stepping back a bit, I'm trying to use this in radarr and am getting the error "You are using docker; download client sabnzbd places downloads in /config/Downloads/complete but this directory does not appear to exist inside the container. Review your remote path mappings and container volume settings."

This is understandable, so I feel like I should probably be pointing to /data/usenet/movies. Can someone help me figure out how this is accomplished? Do I need to ssh into something and then run a -v command for this? Even then, I don't quite understand how writing something like -v /data/usenet/movies would change the default location.

Sorry, as I mentioned, very new to all this still