New Rule: Do not beg for indexing site invites

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New Rule: Do not beg for indexing site invites

Post by inpheaux » December 10th, 2012, 6:35 pm

In the wake of NZBMatrix' abrupt closing, many things happened yesterday:
  • Thousands of users suddenly found themselves indexer-less
  • Said thousands of users started flooding the streets of the internet begging for invites
  • Our poor poor webserver burned to the ground
But the problem was none of the sites you guys were begging for access to even had invites in the first place. doles out maybe 50 invites randomly site-wide every month. closed reg outright and killed VIP payments, so even if you managed to get an account you wouldn't get full access. Some DogNZB users had invites but those reserves were zeroed out by the admin shortly after everything hit the fan.

We don't see this changing in the immediate future, and we'd really rather not spend CPU cycles and bandwidth processing your forum posts begging for things that don't exist, so it's now against the rules.

Your posts will be deleted, your threads will be deleted, warnings will be issued, and repeat offenders will be banned.

If you are starting a shiny new indexer, are offering publicly open registration, and think you've prepared to be absolutely flooded with traffic, please feel free to open a thread announcing your new service. BUT, only start a thread once you're actually open for business! If you need people to help beta test, stop by IRC and I promise there will be PLENTY of people to help there. Bring it to the forums when it's ready for prime-time.

So, to recap:

Don't beg for invites. Invites don't exist.

Don't panic. New indexers will start cropping up shortly.