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Freenas 10 Sabnzbd 1.0.2 - to delete/move downloads [CIFS]

Posted: May 24th, 2016, 2:54 pm
by Free_the_sab
Hello, I recently switched from using SAB & Sickbeard on my raspberry pi to installing SAB & Sonarr (aka NZBdrone) inside a jail on my FreeNAS 10 system, using both pbi plugins inside a single jail. I got everything going ok, but after post-processing, I try to delete/move the file on my Windows computer (using a CIFS share to freenas' CIFS service) and I get an error:

"You need permission to perform this action
You require permission from Unix User\816 to make changes to this file"

I normally have no problem creating/moving/deleting files on my CIFS share, but the files that SAB & Sonarr created, I'm unable to do anything with (besides view them). Thanks for any help.