Using Direct Unpack and accessing the video file does not allow it to be moved to correct final location

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Using Direct Unpack and accessing the video file does not allow it to be moved to correct final location

Post by lightshow » January 9th, 2019, 6:01 pm

Safihre and Team,

I've been using Sabnzbd for years and it is the best! I've run into the following issue on the Mac Platform 10.12.3, Sabnzbd 2.3.6

I'm using the Direct Unpack option and use the following folder options:

Default Base Folder: /Users/myusername (this is on a different disk called /Volumes/OSDisk)
Temporary Download Folder

Completed Download Folder

movieTrailers /Volumes/DownloadDisk/movieTrailers

Scenario, when I am downloading a movie trailer NZB, I choose a category movieTrailers. As per the Direct Unpack process, the movie trailer shows up in /Volumes/DownloadDisk/movieTrailers/[Unpack]ExampleMovieTrailer

This works great and I can watch the movie trailer as long as the download is far enough and the rars are extracted.

What I've found is the following:

If I am currently watching the movie trailer though a video player, and the download in sabnzbd finishes, sabnzbd is unable to do the final processing of moving that resulting movie trailer video file to its rightful place at /Volumes/DownloadDisk/movieTrailers/ExampleMovieTrailer (due to my video player having a lock on the file). Next, this video player is actually consuming this file from a remote computer connecting to this server through a hosted SMB share on the mac ( I havn't tested it using a video player on the same server as sabnzbd - this mac)

So, when sabnzbd runs through its post processing, everything shows as successful, however, the resulting fully unpacked file ends up being in /Users/myusername/incomplete. So maybe the unpacker binary sabnzbd uses puts it in a relative path to where the user/process owner's home directory is /incomplete. And if the file is being locked/accessed, then sab can't move it to where it wants to.

Anyways, I found this bug interesting and I'm sure it has to do with the video file being held onto by a filehandler of the remote video player client connecting to the server (where sabnzbd runs and where the video is stored locally) which makes sab unable to do the final mv operations after the unpack/postprocessing operations. Also I found it strange the actual unpacking was at /Users/myusername/incomplete rather than /Volumes/DownloadDisk/incomplete were the initial rar like files were stored.

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Re: Using Direct Unpack and accessing the video file does not allow it to be moved to correct final location

Post by safihre » January 10th, 2019, 1:01 am

I think it should work if you disable Folder Rename in Config Switches (enable Advanced settings).
This way the folder will not get the __UNPACK__, and no rename is needed at the end. It's a bit harder to see though if something is still downloading just from looking at the folder names.
Would this work?

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