Does someone has issues with a slow sabnzbd?

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Does someone has issues with a slow sabnzbd?

Post by Redinton »

Hello everyone,,
I recently moved house and hav acess to faster internet than before. Around 60mb down.

But this seems to be causing issues with SAbNZBD. Every time it starts to unpack during a download it’s becomes unresponsive the starts loosing connection to the service on the web browser. Download speed drops down to killabytes then jumps up and down.

I have it running on a Ubuntu 16.04 vm on vmware esxi. It has 4 3ghz cores and 6gb of ram. So sure that should be enough? Running top seems to show it only using a small percentage of resource. Does anyone have any suggestions ?

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Re: Does someone has issues with a slow sabnzbd?

Post by safihre »

Yes, it's the VM. The direct unpacking just causes too much disk IO. We've seen this a number of times already.

Try running it on the system directly, or via Docker.
The VM layer just adds too much IO wait to handle the downloading and unpacking at the same time.
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Re: Does someone has issues with a slow sabnzbd?

Post by NunyaBzness »

I've been running SABNZBd for years on VMs and have seen a number of issues that are directly related to that environment. The single biggest performance boost you can give the system is to map your temporary download folder to an SSD. Obviously, your mileage will vary, depending on the class of machine you're running ESXi on.

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Re: Does someone has issues with a slow sabnzbd?

Post by sundialexpress »

As NunyaBzness suggested, setting up SAB to DL to an SSD will greatly enhance performance by reducing/eliminating IOWAIT. I DL to one SSD and then unpack to second SSD. After the unpack, the files are then moved to the array. Works wonderfully.

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