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Stats - Last month more useful than this month

Posted: March 5th, 2012, 6:31 pm
by bluenote
Hey guys

It's probably not very important, but I'll make the suggestion nonetheless -
I find when I'm using the server stats, often to evaluate the health of my servers (I have 3+ , still hoping for multi-tiered priority :) )
The weekly daily etc values are useful, but the really meaty data is 'monthly' and unfortunately
since it's always "this month" but for the first half of the month, those data aren't all that useful - especially say in the first few days or week.
What I'd like to see that would make the stats work as intended, at least, as far as I can see, is to add "Last month" for server traffic.
This gives me an indicator which I can compare a server to past/present, and also to compare between servers a little better as well.

Thanks for reading!