API call to get single entry by ID

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API call to get single entry by ID

Post by RuudBurger »

Getting a single entry by ID, returning the same info like history or queue.
For CouchPotato we now combine those 2, but need to use a limit because sometimes there are hundreds of items being downloaded. Resulting in not getting the entries we want.
Something like: api?mode=get&value=SABnzbd_nzo_zt2syz

When we add a nzb, we get back the ID we can use for later status calls.
What would be extra awesome is getting info from multiple ids, which on your side would be a lot easier I think.

Something like: api?mode=get_multiple&value=SABnzbd_nzo_zt2syz,SABnzbd_nzo_zt1232


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Re: API call to get single entry by ID

Post by shypike »

Goes on the long todo for 0.8.0

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