Manually set disk space

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Manually set disk space

Post by jinds »


I'm not super tech-savvy, though I probably understand quite a lot, so not sure if this is feasible:

I use a docker version of Sab and this is on a seedbox, which has shared disk space. So, it shows it has 17 TB left, but in reality I can only use 300 gb. Is there a way to build in an option to manually set that disk space and map which area you have to determine how much you use?

On the seedbox, there is also rutorrent and there it's shown correctly how much you have left.

Hope I explained it well enough. Is this possible?

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Re: Manually set disk space

Post by sander »

How do you know you have 300GB available?
How does rutorrent know you have 300GB available?


Oh, wait, maybe it is done via Linux "quota"? I tried on my own Linux system, but can't get it to work, nor I can't find a way to find the quota for myself as a non-root user

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