List missing parts on Queue details page

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List missing parts on Queue details page

Post by stester »

Sometimes parts of an article are missing from all servers, and we see a discarded message Warning detailed on the Connections page. What I think would be useful is that information being displayed on the Queue details (when you expand an NZB with the + symbol). Maybe use a red font and add the info to the list as Remaining/Missing/Total. Otherwise I can't tell which rar file is broken without doing a lot of extra investigating.

Also if an nzb has more broken rars than it has par files to fix them,
is that so obvious during download that the whole job can be suspended
before it finishes?

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Re: List missing parts on Queue details page

Post by shypike »

Showing it in the queue isn't possible, because SABnzbd doesn't know yet.
What we do plan for the future is to stop giving all these calls
but instead give a summary of missing parts in the history.

Keep in mind that SABnzbd is ideally a set-and-forget background application.
We're not too keen on building in all sorts of interactive stuff.
The general idea is: you assume the NZB is OK, most of the time it will be
and afterwards the History will tell you what happened.

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