SABnzbd 0.7.1 is released

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SABnzbd 0.7.1 is released

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Read this too!

Fixed in 0.7.1
  • Fixed problem were fetching par2 files after first verification could stall in the queue
  • Fixed retry behaviour of NZB fetching from URL (with handling of error codes)
  • Verification/repair would not be executed properly when one more RAR files missed their first article.
  • Improved backup of sabnzbd.ini file, now uses backup when original is gone or corrupt
  • Several translations extended/improved
  • Plush skin: fix problems with pull-down menus in Mobile Safari
  • On some Linux and OSX systems using localhost would still make SABnzbd give access to other computers
  • Windows: the installer did not set an icon when associating NZB files with SABnzbd
  • Fix problem that the Opera browser had with Config->Servers
  • Retry a few times when accessing a mounted drive to create the final destination folder
  • Minor fixes in Window Tray icon and OSX top menu
  • Add no_ipv6 special for systems that keep having issues with [::1]
  • Fix crash in QuickCheck when expected par2 file wasn't downloaded
  • API calls "addurl" and "addid" (newzbin) can now be used interchangeably
  • Fix endless par2-fetch loop after retrying failed job
  • Don't send "bad fetch" email when emailing is off
  • Add some support for's non-VIP limiting
  • Fix signing of OSX DMG
Highlights 0.7.x:
  • Download quota management
  • Windows: simple system tray menu
  • Multi-platform Growl support
  • NotifyOSD support for Linux distros that have it
  • Option to set maximum number of retries for servers (prevents deadlock)
  • Pre-download check to estimate completeness (reliability is limited)
  • Prevent partial downloading of par2 files that are not needed yet
  • Config->Special for settings previously only available in the sabnzbd.ini file
  • For Usenet servers with multiple IP addresses, pick a random one per connection
  • Add pseudo-priority "Stop" that will send the job immediately to the post-processing queue
  • Allow jobs still waiting for post-processing to be deleted too

Download from: ... lus/0.7.1/