SABnzbd 0.7.4 has been released

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SABnzbd 0.7.4 has been released

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When upgrading from 0.6.x, read this too:

Highlights in 0.7.4
  • OSX Mountain Lion: Notification Center support
  • OSX Mountain Lion: improved "keep awake" support
  • Scheduler: action can now run on multiple weekdays
  • Fix: pre-check failed to consider extra par2 files
  • Support for HTTPS chain files (needed when you buy your own certificate)
  • Special option: rss_odd_titles, see Wiki
  • Special option: 'overwrite_files', see Wiki
  • Show memory usage on Linux systems
  • Scheduler: add "remove failed jobs" action
Bug fixes
  • After successful pre-check, preserve a job's position in the queue
  • Restore SABnzbd icon for Growl
  • Make Windows version less eager to use par2-classic
  • Prevent jobs from showing up in queue and history simultaneously
  • Fix failure to fetch more par2-files for posts with badly formatted subject lines
  • Fix for third-party tools requesting too much history
  • New RSS feed should no longer be considered new after first, but empty readout.
  • Make "auth" call backward-compatible with 0.6.x releases.
  • Config->Notifications: email and growl server addresses should not be marked as "url" type.
  • OSX: fix top menu queue info so that it shows total queue size
  • Fixed unjustified warning that can occur with OSX Growl 2.0
  • Pre-queue script no longer got the show/season/episode information.
  • Prevent crash on startup when a fully downloaded job is still in download queue.
  • Fix incorrect end-of-month quota reset
  • Fix UI refresh issue when using Safari on iOS6 (Safari bug)
Download from: ... lus/0.7.4/