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SABnzbd 1.1.0RC2 has been released

Posted: July 21st, 2016, 2:59 pm
by shypike
When upgrading from 0.7.x, read this too:
You cannot easily switch between 0.7.x and 1.0.x versions.

What's new
  • Fix XSS vulnerability on OSX and Unix**
  • Fix for stalling when using "prospective par2 downloading"
  • Include the Python module "six" to prevent issues on some embedded systems
  • Fix problem with deleting files in NZB details view
  • Fix portable.cmd
  • Restore scanning for passwords after NZB name edit
  • Prevent old shutdown-page from stopping a new SABnzbd instance
** The XSS vulnerability was discovered by Han Sahin from Securify BV.
Thank you, Han.

Download from: ... g/1.1.0RC2