SABnzbd 2.0.0 Release Candidate 1

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SABnzbd 2.0.0 Release Candidate 1

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Changes since Beta 1
- API changes: `history` and `queue` calls now only contain History/Queue
information. All other information can still be found in `fullstatus`.
`qstatus` is now identical to `queue` call.
`get_files` now reports unique `nzf_id` for each file.
- Windows: improved Windows installer, now detects if service is running
and will remove the correct previous installation.

Bug fixes since Beta 1
- Fix crashing Downloader when Quota were set
- Top-only switch now really only downloads top job
- Fix broken webserver HTTPS for extra bound ports (e.g. IPv6)
- Remove listquote module dependency
- Starting with "-w" parameter would fail
- Previously set password shown on Retry
- Unblock Server button did not work
- Warn if Complete folder is on FAT filesystem (4GB size limit)
- Deleting a downloading job could produce write errors
- Windows: Incomplete folders would sometimes end in a dot
- Linux: Detect Multicore Par2 more generally

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