SABnzbd 2.0.1

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SABnzbd 2.0.1

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Changes since 2.0.0
- No longer change ports if the configured port is not available during startup.
- 'Proof' files also ignored when Ignore Samples is enabled.
- Redundant SFV and RAR checks no longer performed if par2 verification failed.
- More repair/unpack info is retained in the History information.
- Windows: remove option to start SABnzbd from installer, it would start the
program as administrator.

Bugfixes since 2.0.0
- Some users experienced slower download speeds.
- Revert changes to handling of missing articles introduced in 2.0.0 that
turned out to be slow for some users.
- Missing first par2-file would cause repair to be skipped.
- Better handling of 7zip unpacking.
- Log X-Forwarded-For of API calls and logins.
- Handle more URLGrabber exceptions.
- Command-line parameters were not listed correctly.
- Queue-finish-action picker in Glitter more stable.
- Custom Pause interpreter in Glitter more reliable.
- Pre-check would fail if download was on SMBv3 share.
- Windows: NZB-icon association lost sometimes.
- Windows: Unrar could fail on some archives containing very long paths.

## Upgrading from 0.7.x and older
- Finish queue
- Stop SABnzbd
- Install new version
- Start SABnzbd

## Upgrade notices
- Windows: When starting the Post-Processing script, the path to the job folder
is no longer in short-path notation but includes the full path. To support
long paths (>255), you might need to alter them to long-path notation (\\?\).
- Schedule items are converted when upgrading to 2.x.x and will break when
reverted back to pre-2.x.x releases.
- The organization of the download queue is different from 0.7.x releases.
So 2.x.x will not see the existing queue, but you can go to Status->Queue Repair
and "Repair" the old queue.

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