SABnzbd 2.3.0 Release Candidate 1

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SABnzbd 2.3.0 Release Candidate 1

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Changes since 2.2.1
- Option to limit Servers to specific Categories removed
- Improved par2 handling and obfuscated files detection
- Duplicate filenames in NZB's no longer rejected by default
- Set custom URL instead of /sabnzbd/ (in Config > Specials)
- Article-state (which servers are tried) is preserved after restart
- Auto disconnect (if enabled) only after verification of last item
- Slight performance improvement when fetching RSS-feeds
- RSS-feed title is shown for URLs being grabbed
- URL grabbing can now be individually paused
- Scheduler can pause/unpause jobs in specific category
- Series Duplicate Checker can allow PROPER/REAL/REPACK versions
- Refresh-icon in Glitter when refresh rate is above 2 seconds
- Different icon for downloads with Force priority
- Show progress during verification of extra files
- All dates and times are now time zone independent
- API: 'missing' field removed from 'queue', use 'mbmissing'
- API: 'warnings' method now returns array for better handling
- macOS: Bundled new OpenSSL version with support for TLSv1.2
- macOS: No longer linked to system certificate store
- macOS and Windows: Installers include Mozilla CA certificates

Bugfixes since 2.2.1
- Reduce CPU usage with multiple servers
- Fix yet another potential stalling issue
- Remove Timeout tracebacks
- Only warn if number of actual passwords is larger than 30
- Unexpected behavior when diskspace becomes critically low
- Retried jobs would show incorrect download progress
- API: Correct listing of downloaded and queued files in 'get_files'
- API: Number of bytes missing and downloaded could be slightly off
- API: Jobs with Force priority should always have status 'Downloading'
- MacOS: Direct Unpack could hang in case of special characters in names
- Windows: Download with many par2 sets could get listed as failed

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