SABnzbd-0.3.1 Final is released

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SABnzbd-0.3.1 Final is released

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Dear SABnzbd friends.

SABnzbd-0.3.1 Final has been published on ... _id=207766.

This is a maintenance release, with these fixes:

* Improved Plush interface
* Improved Smpl interface
* Directory creation error when download-dir already exists, making PAR2 crash
* When run-as-win32-service, stop termination by logoffs
* Fix recent incompatibility with newzbin's RSS feeds
* Directory scanner (blackhole) now:
      - Skips ZIP files that don't contain only NZB-files
      - Handles .nzb.gz files
      -  Handles .nzb files that are really nzb.gz files (due to browser mis-configuration)
* Newzbin category option does not show "sub-cat" anymore ( does not have it)
* Auto-shutdown now waits for jobs re-entering the queue for additional par2 files
* Do not remove RSS definitions when using --clean option.
* Vista compatible icon
* Startup tweak to compensate for NAS-hosted Python problem.
* Show last 10 warnings/errors on the Connections page
* Solved the visible "black" window problem
      - Sometimes SABnzbd's a black console window remained visible
      - Now there are two versions of SABnzbd:
            SABnzbd.exe = always invisible
            SABnzbd-console.exe = always visible
* Limit size of newzbin report titles
* Logging size now accepts KMGTP notation