SABnzbd-0.3.3 Final is released

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SABnzbd-0.3.3 Final is released

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Dear SABnzbd friends.

SABnzbd-0.3.3 Final has been published on ... _id=207766.

This is a maintenance release, with these fixes:

- Improve robustness newzbin report fetching
- File was skipped if first article was missing
- Handle unresolvable hostnames
- Handle ambiguous 'localhost' on IPV6-enabled systems better
- OSX NotificationsCenter support
- Unix-only: permissions can be set in Config->Directories
- Embedded CherryPy module (to prevent version conflicts)
- Option to do post-processing only on correct jobs
- Show warning on main page when PAR2 program is missing
- Remove delay when resuming download
- Show last 20 warnings/errors instead of 10
- Correct Vista icon
- Don't crash anymore on bad NZB files
- When hostname in unresolvable, use instead
- Prevent multiple warnings if dirscan-dir is missing
- Incorrect backup or zipped/gz nzb files