SABnzbd-0.4.0 Final is released

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SABnzbd-0.4.0 Final is released

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Dear SABnzbd friends.

SABnzbd-0.4.0 Final has been published on ... _id=207766.

* Source packages
* Binaries for Win32
* Binaries for OSX (thanks to rAf)

This is a major feature release.

* Secure NNTP (SSL)
* RSS is finally useful
* Better newzbin support
    * Download based on Bookmarks
    * Compatible with the new
* User-defined categories for precise storage and handling
* Intelligent handling of seasons of TV shows
* The Windows binary distribution now comes with a PAR2
  program that supports a multi-core CPU.
  You can tune the performance of PAR2 (Config->Switches)
* Highly improved Plush and Smpl skins
* iPhone skin
* Optional secondary web-interface on http://host:port/sabnzbd/m
* Improved bandwidth control
* General improvement of robustness and usability
* Extended API for third-party utilities
* Vista-compatible
* OSX-compatible (native app)
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