Another delete script request

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Another delete script request

Post by Viktor112 » February 10th, 2017, 4:19 am

Good morning all!

I was wondering if someone managed to get rid of files by size.

This is the issue: I download a movie, filetype MKV but there is almost always an commercial added as a MP4.
Normally I would say put that extension to the 'Cleanup List' but sometimes the MP4's are needed and I don't want to have it to remove all the times.
I would like to have Sabnzbd or some other way to get rid of the files by a XX filesize.

I did find the special setting: 'movie_rename_limit - 100M - The minimum size of a file to trigger file renaming in the Sort functions' is ignored or misunderstood by me.
The behavior now is when I download TED mkv, movie file is 8gb and the commercial is mp4 and 50mb, I would expect that the renaming part of my sorting would not enable on the commercial.
But the result is: ted.mkv and ted.mp4.

What to do to get this thing sorted ?

Thanks in advance.

Ps. I'm on W10 - SABNZBD Version: 1.1.0 [8abcf08]

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