Folder.jpg Movie Poster Grabber Script

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Folder.jpg Movie Poster Grabber Script

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Hey Everyone,

This is a script to download movie posters from from the info provided by the Sabnzbd API and saved in the format (folder.jpg) for the WDTV media player or any other Media Ctr that likes this format.

How it works
When a movie is finished downloading it will run a Batch file which will execute the Python postergrabber script.
which will check Sabnzbd API download history to get the movie name and folder name then search API
and retrieve the Poster url then download and save in the movie download folder created by sabnzbd.

I suggest enabling Movie Sorting in Generic Sorting via Sabnzbd Config tab. Also if using Couchpotatoe you can turn on it's own
sorting but I do suggest making a Couchpotatoe folder in your watch folder so Sabnzbd doesn't sort your already sorted movies.

I'm new to python so no flaming me on my programing skills.

Suggestions are OK.

Download here: :
tmdb-postergrabber.pyw :
postergrabber.bat :

After downloading please open tmdb-postergrabber.pyw and postergrabber.bat in a text editor and define your settings.

Copy all three files tmdb-postergrabber.pyw (.pyw so the console doesn't open) into your script folder with the script supplied from Silas and the postergrabber.bat file for those windows users. ( sorry linux and mac users it should be simple to create your own). Then goto sabnzbd config / categories and change the script in you movie category to the bat file and your set.

This would not be possible without the work done by Silas for his Python API Wrapper.

Tell me what you think?

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