SABnzbd 1.0.1 has been released

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SABnzbd 1.0.1 has been released

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When upgrading from 0.7.x, read this too:
You cannot easily switch between 0.7.x and 1.0.x versions.

Bugfixes in 1.0.1
  • Prevent creating orphan items in "incomplete" when deleting downloading jobs.
  • Forced item with missing articles caused overflow into paused jobs
  • Do QuickCheck even on files that would be removed by the Cleanup-list (problematic for RAR files).
  • Fix "Download all par2 files" behavior
  • Treat ambiguous numeric values as number of minutes for custom pause time.
  • Accept MIME records that have only LF line endings (error in some third-party utilities)
  • Fix PushOver support.
  • Fix breaking Glitter bug with large script_log
  • Fix issues with deleting jobs via the API
  • Fix issue where Sonarr could not read using the History-API
  • Increase default cache to 450M
  • The pre-queue script can now return an accept value of 2, meaning immediate failure. (Useful for Sonarr.)
  • Add start script for portable Windows installations
What's new in 1.0.0
  • Full Unicode support with Chinese and Russian translations
  • New default UI: Glitter
  • Server priorities instead of primary/backup ==> REVIEW YOUR SERVER SETTINGS!
  • Newsserver IPv6 load balancing aka Happy Eyeballs / RFC 6555
  • Duplicate detection for series
  • More filters in RSS
  • 7zip support
  • Option to save repair time by downloading all par2 files
  • Support for long paths in Windows (above 260)
  • Improved security for external access
  • Lots of small improvements and bug fixes
  • Redesign of notifications classes
  • More notification services supported
  • Diagnostic dashboard tab for "Status" page
  • Bonjour/ZeroConfig support
  • Breaking change in API: speed-limit is now either a percentage or an absolute number
    [**] 0-100 or anything with a '%' is a percentage
    [**] Absolute numbers no longer have an implicit "k"
    [**] Check third-party tools that set a speed for SABnzbd
  • SABnzbd's webserver now doesn't listen to IPv6 addresses by default.
    [**] Use Config->Special->ipv6_hosting if you want this enabled.
    [**] "localhost" will be replaced with "", check any browser bookmark and third-party tool
  • Classic skin has been removed
  • Support extra parameters for par2 on other platforms than Windows
  • Option to verify HTTPS connections (default off)
  • Auto-negotiates best Usenet ssl protocol (override possible)
  • When upgrading from 0.7.x, a backup server will get priority 1
Download from:

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