SABnzbd v1.0.2 small NZB-password bug

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SABnzbd v1.0.2 small NZB-password bug

Post by wimpie1 »


I encountered a small password bug.

I was downloading a big blu-ray iso image. The download was password protected and the password was included (as I do always) in the nzb filename (filename{{password}}.nzb) in watched folder.

The download completed ok, but I did not have enough free disk space to decompress the rar file. So I got a 'error' in SAB with not enough space (= correct).

I moved some files around so I would have enough free space to unpack the iso. I then pressed retry. I get a dialog with the possibility to include an extra nzb file and a field to imput a password. I just press ok and get then a 'unpacking failed, rar needs password' error.

Should the field in the retry dialog not already contain the known password? SAB just forgets it had the correct password. If it is not the correct password, then the user can always overwrite the password field in the retry dialog.

Hope this makes any sense...

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Re: SABnzbd v1.0.2 small NZB-password bug

Post by safihre »

We are aware, @shypike maybe we should somehow preserve the password for failed jobs?
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Re: SABnzbd v1.0.2 small NZB-password bug

Post by shypike »

It should be preserved.

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