Joining rar files

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Joining rar files

Post by weybrew+ »

Let me say up front, I am a complete novice using UseNet. I'm not skilled enough to understand all about newsgroups, rat files, par files, and all the various processes that get from a downloaded nzb file to a viewable video file. All I do know is that I can search, select and let Sabnzbd do everything else. And when it's all over I end up with my target file ready to use. Having said that, let me ask about some odd files that I have gotten on some downloads. These files come in with an array of rar files and the post download goes no further. I have tried to join these rar files as they seem to be all there in a complete series, and have tried various methods and programs that are supposed to combine these parts but have had no success. I get some various error msgs telling me of missing parts (that seem to be all there) or that the files are not actually rar files, or that they are not rar archive files (whatever that is). I believe that I am following the assembly instructions but I'm not getting any results. Can someone give me a push in the right direction, here? I could upload a couple of the files to examine if that is permitted here and would be of any help (if someone can tell me how to get this done).
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Re: Joining rar files

Post by safihre »

If there is a way to repair/extract files in a download, then SABnzbd will do it. If SABnzbd can't do it, I am pretty certain in 99% of the cases it can't be fixed manually either. We do all the tricks ;)
So it could be that for example there are no verification files included at all, so SABnzbd can't verify the job. All it can do is download the files it was instructed and attempt to unpack.

There is 1 type of downloads SABnzbd can't handle yet (but will in SABnzbd 3.0.0 :) ): when all files have a random name and there is no repair data. The files need to be renamed to be unpacked by unrar. There are tricks for that, that we have implement. But cannnot really be done manually.
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