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Hidden History Feature

Post by Fr1d4y »

Hello everyone,

i would like to start a request for a hidden history feature in a similar or same way it is implemented in nzbget.
In nzbget you basically have your history and can decide if an entry is completely deleted or just hidden, so that nzbget can check for duplicates etc.

Why i would love to have this feature is pretty simple:
I am running a sonarr/radarr + newsreader setup and if i am checking from time to time the newsreader it is pretty nice to see what was downloaded and sucessfully imported to sonarr/radarr (the hidden stuff) and stuff which was manually downloaded or not sucessfully imported (the not hidden stuff).
In this way i can always see what sonarr/radarr was downloading over the time and can manage my manual or "failed to import" stuff much easier.
If all the automatically downloaded stuff is completely deleted its much harder to see if everything is still running for good or if there was any sonarr/radarr version "upgrade" for existing videos i actually dont like to have etc.

I know, that there is the possibility to make a nzb history, but those folders growing pretty big after some time and it is not very convenient to always search some folders in a linux remote server.

for me it was and still is the only reason to not use sabnzbd even if i like sabnzbd better then nzbget in almost every other aspect.

i hope more users would love to have that feature that it will maybe actually happen to have it.


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Re: Hidden History Feature

Post by safihre »

For SABnzbd it's a bit harder to implement and adds not a lot of value for regular users, only for power users. So that's why I never implemented it before.
However, we do offer the ability to filter the queue and history by category starting in 3.7.x (currently under development), this wat you could easily search for cat:sonarr to see the Sonarr jobs and cat:tv for the other jobs. Would that help maybe?
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