Forum Rules - For our sanity, for your protection

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Forum Rules - For our sanity, for your protection

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Our rules are mercifully simple. In fact, there's really only one rule:

Don't be an idiot

However, there are many diverse ways to break it. Apart from the obvious methods, here are several usenet-specific ways to be an idiot:
  • Posting links to things available on Usenet. (This means posting links to NZB's, posting links to Newzbin reports, posting links to reports on other Usenet search-engines, posting links to RSS feeds of NZB's, etc)
  • Talking about the great stuff you get from Usenet.
  • Asking for help with something you got from Usenet.
  • Requesting for something to be posted to Usenet.
  • Posting un-sanitized screenshots or logs showing what you have or are downloading from Usenet. (Since we may at times need you to post these things, PLEASE apply black bars to your screenshots in MS Paint, and replace names and ID's with asterisks in logfiles.)
  • Anything resembling spamming (like posting irrelevant messages, especially combined with advertising links) will result in an immediate and permanent ban.
Failure to comply with these guidelines will result in us editing your post. If we can't salvage your post we'll delete it.

Repeatedly breaking the rules will result in you being banned.
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