[Samba Shares] Cannot change folder permissions

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[Samba Shares] Cannot change folder permissions

Post by cybergio1974 »

Dear All,

This is my first post and hope you will be able to help me.
It's some days that I'm trying to find out a solution to my problem with Sabnzbd file storage on remote samba shares.

I'm running Sabnzbd 7.20 on a Virtual Machine hosting Debian 7.7.
The VM is active on a QNAP TS-253 Pro.

I want to run Sabnzbd on the VM while storing files on the NAS itself by means of samba shared folders.

I found a post which is similar to the issue I'm facing but the proposed solution did not work in my case.


Any time I start Sabnzbd I get an error that it cannot change permissions to the "incomplete" folder.
I noticed that the mounted folder on the VM is owned by root:root and this user does not exist on Qnap where "admin" user is the only default administrator.

Any suggestion to get rid of the error in Sabnzbd ?
NOTE: currently the incomplete folder is being filled up with downloaded data despite the error above.
I don't know yet if any problem will raise once the files will be moved to the "complete" folder.

Thank you very much in advance.
Best Regards,

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Re: [Samba Shares] Cannot change folder permissions

Post by shypike »

cybergio1974 wrote: Any suggestion to get rid of the error in Sabnzbd ?
SABnzbd cannot solve access rights issues, you'll have to solve these outside of SABnzbd.
The only thing it can do is extend access rights to "group" and "others",
provided it already has the right to do so.
The owner of the base folders ("incomplete" and "complete") should be the
user account under which SABnzbd runs.
Accessing SAMBA shares from a Linux system is a challenge. I know that from experience,
endless tinkering until it magically works for some unclear reason.
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Re: [Samba Shares] Cannot change folder permissions

Post by nock »

This could be one solution.
Before you mount the share to a folder, you must set the right permissions..
Lets say this is your folder structure:

Code: Select all

And the user running sab is "sabuser"
This is the command for debian/ubuntu, but should be the same principle:

Code: Select all

sudo chown sabuser:sabuser -R /downloand 
Now sabuser own /downloads and all subdir
When you now mount the share, permissions should be right.
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Re: [Samba Shares] Cannot change folder permissions

Post by squareatom »

Just mount as the user that sab runs as... I use autofs and do the the following:

Code: Select all

/mnt/Downloads	-fstype=cifs,guest,uid=sabuser,gid=users,dir_mode=0777,file_mode=0666	://nas/Downloads
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