SAbznbd 2.3.9 has been released

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SAbznbd 2.3.9 has been released

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Release Notes - SABnzbd 2.3.9

Improvements and bug fixes since 2.3.8
- Duplicate job detection would not compare job names
- Propagation delay could show even if it was not configured
- Ignore Samples deleted all files of jobs containing the words Sample/Proof
- Warning "Unable to stop the unrar process" was shown too often
- Direct Unpack could hang forever on Unicode downloads
- Test Download could fail if clicked on the icon instead of the button
- Series Duplicate detection did not always work with Direct Unpack enabled
- Adding a job with non-existing category was not set to Default (*) category
- Only delete completed jobs from history when using History Retention option
- Renamed Server Load-balancing to Server IP address selection
- Linux: remove sabnzbd.error.log file at start-up if it grew too large
- Windows: double-click delay increased to avoid accidental pausing
- Windows: update MultiPar to v1.3.0.5
- Windows and macOS: update UnRar to 5.71
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