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Span Verify & Repair over multiple folders/nzb

Posted: March 26th, 2022, 2:18 pm
by hypersucker
probably more of a feature request than a bug....

every now and then, a release wont complete because it is too broken. usually they get uploaded multiple times anyway so one of them is bound to be complete. but sometimes all of them are broken beyond repair. that is, the single downloads (nzbs) are broken beyond repair. e.g. when I collect all the single download folders within multipar, most of the times I end up with a working download. it is probably to hard for sabnzbd to automatically see which folders are actually the same files and combine (mix/match/throw out) those instead of just focusing repair efforts on each single folder? Hydra 2 already does a good job recognizing which nzbs should be grouped together, if sabnzbd would do something similar, it could try repair efforts within groups and not just with in a nzb folder. hope that made any sense at all lol.