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New File Created Permissions Issues

Posted: April 3rd, 2022, 5:36 pm
by cdarwin7

I"m running into a problem in which when my indexer, Mylar3, send NZB file to the queue, the file in the /config/admin/future directory has permissions set as such it cannot be read.

03-Apr-2022 22:29:14 - ERROR :: mylar.historycheck.268 : AUTO-COMPLETE-NZB : Cannot find nzb SABnzbd_nzo_3c9uw0td in the queue. Was it removed?
today at 3:29:19 PM03-Apr-2022 22:29:19 - WARNING :: mylar.cdh_monitor.3412 : AUTO-COMPLETE-NZB : NZB seems to have been removed from queue: SABnzbd_nzo_3c9uw0td

I find this file, SABnzbd_nzo_3c9uw0td in the /config/admin/future directory, but its permissions are very locked down. THere is an item to be fetche in the queue created,. but it just sits there and times out. And in the logs its shows the file cannot be found.

Any ideas? Both are in docker containers from LSIO.