Am I being dumb here...?

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Am I being dumb here...?

Post by BossC »


??? ???

I'm trying to find a setting (this feels like too small a job for a script, even if I was competent enough to do one!) to move files from "completed folder" to an eBooks folder within it.

I have 2 issues...

the main one is that Sab moves the files inside folders and Calibre doesn't see them until they are moved out of the folder into the root of "eBooks".

The second and unrelated(ish) issue is that I am running my *arr's and Sab on a Qnap NAS and Readarr on Windows (can't get my head around container station and the necessary permissions) but as a result Sab is saving eBooks "to /complete/eBooks" which Readarr cannot resolve to "U:\complete\eBooks" and insists on informing me that "Remote download client Q-Sabnzbd places downloads in /share/Download/complete/eBooks but this is not a valid Windows path."

I'm less concerned about this as Calibre will grab them anyway (once issue 1 is resolved!!) but...

So, if anyone can push me in the direction of a solution that would be great? ;)


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Re: Am I being dumb here...?

Post by safihre »

You can specify a Category specific folder, since I a assume Readarr always uses the same category.
The rest you can probably ask from the Readarr forums and documentation, there is a way to modify the paths.
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