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setting sabnzbd to be a downloader for sonarr

Posted: July 18th, 2022, 6:13 pm
by jwhitt12
I set sabnzbd to be a downloader for sonarr. I tested it and it failed. I then got rid of the category and then it was fine. The category was 'tv' and is defined in the sabnzbd categories. There was no reason for getting rid of it as far as I know but it had to go. I was just wondering why. Oh, this might not be the place for this and, maybe, I should have gone to sonarr for an answer.

the downloader had a notice:
Adding a category specific to Sonarr avoids conflicts with unrelated non-Sonarr downloads. Using a category is optional, but strongly recommended.

There is a place, in both sonarr and radarr where one sets the root folder. They say that "root folder" means where the source files (also where the files played by kodi are) are put. that wants the address of a root folder. I have put /media/data/TV (for sonarr) and /media/data/Movies for Radarr. I think this may be the problem.

Thank you................