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Can't access local domain for hydra from sabnzb container

Posted: August 18th, 2022, 11:36 am
by Blaze9

SabNZB can't seem to access my hydra instance from within it's container. I know it's not NAT loopback because I'm able to access my domain (hydra included) from within my network on my PC wired, Mobile over wifi, and over VPN when outdoors. I can also ping my hydra instance (ie `ping hydra.mydomain[dot]com`) FROM my sabnzb docker image.. so the docker itself is able to access the server. Just SAB itself can't.

Is there something I can do to allow sab to connect? Essentially this is the error:

Code: Select all

Trying to fetch NZB from https://hydra.mydomain[dot]com:443/getnzb/api/#########
If I change Hydra to 'upload NZB' instead of 'send link' then it works. However one of my indexers doesn't allow that function anymore.