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New NAS - Problems

Posted: December 6th, 2022, 12:54 pm
by ryasis
I just got a Synology DS1621 and I am in the process of moving my storage over from my Main PC where I have my Plex, SAB, Radarr, and Sonarr as well as 32TB of internal storage. Getting tired of having all the hardware in my PC, I bought my NAS but now for the life of my, the files will download in SAB, but are sitting in the history section not moving nor are they really completing, unpacking, in fact, one is sitting there at Verifying 03/04 for the last two hours.

Now I am still keeping Plex, Sab, Radarr, and Sonarr on my desktop PC, simply put, it's way more powerful than a NAS, but the only thing that has changed is going from internal storage to a new NAS

Edit: And everything is sitting in the Incomplete directory on the NAS.